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Where to Eat: Folly Beach

1. Taco Boy

Folly Beach is where it all began for Taco Boy, which now has two additional locations downtown and in Summerville. The vibes here are quintessential beach town: relaxed, breezy, and a little bit quirky. You can check out my full spotlight on Taco Boy to see all the deliciousness it has to offer!

2. Jack of Cups Saloon

The menu at Jack of Cups rotates seasonally but every dish is full of interesting Asian flavors. My must-try from this saloon is the Curry Mac and Cheese, which switches from red to green Thai curry throughout the year. Jack of Cups doesn't have clear signage out front so it is easy to miss, but it definitely should not be missed!

3. Lowlife Bar

Another one that's easy to miss is the Lowlife Bar. It's fairly new but quickly has become one of my favorite places to eat in Folly Beach. You order all your food at the bar, but this is definitely not average bar food. Think avocado toast with burrata, falafel burger, and breakfast burritos filled with chorizo and tater tots. They also serve their cold brew with a bamboo stalk as a straw, which is just plain awesome.

4. Black Magic Cafe

This restaurant has two locations, one on James Island and one right in the heart of Folly Beach in a cute little house! They do a great breakfast, especially if you’re in the mood to indulge. Their specialty coffee drinks are also so unique and fun - below is a salted caramel pistachio latte as an example!

5. Wiki Wiki Sandbar

A sister restaurant to Taco Boy, Wiki Wiki Sandbar specialized in Hawaiian cuisine (think poke bowls, plate lunches, and lots of Spam). This place is also HUGE with several levels of different dining areas, bars, and balconies.

6. Loggerheads

I like Loggerheads because it is lowkey and laid back, with solid sports-bar-esque eats and great happy hour prices. Their 10 oz. burgers are massive, and who doesn’t love loaded tots!

Where is your favorite place to eat on Folly Beach? Let me know @girleatscharleston on Instagram!

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