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What I Ate in November

Is November the official/unofficial month of overeating? Between my birthday on the 7th and Thanksgiving at the end of the month, there was a lot of good food to be had. Here are the dishes I ate and enjoyed this month.

  1. Pulled Pork Nachos from Home Team BBQ and Tropical IPAs from Steel Hands Brewing, in celebration of Columbia-based Steel Hands beer now being available in Charleston!

2. The Gropfather sandwich from Bodega - this was one of the specials and was truly unreal. I got to enjoy this bad boy on my birthday!

3. Pizza from Coastal Crust on James Island. I am such a sucker for little pepperoni cups!

4. Mama Ana's Arepas pop-up at Fatty's Beer Works. Check her social media to see where se will be serving up arepas next!

5. The Thanksgiving cookie special from Knockout Cookies - FEAST MODE! Pumpkin spice truffle in the middle, then white chocolate cranberry around that, with apple spice cookie on the outside. This was one of the one-pounders!

6. Pork Gorditas from Juan Luis, the new Tex-Mex food truck that lives outside of Lewis BBQ (John Lewis... Juan Luis... get it?). They serve breakfast and lunch.

7. More Pizza! Baker and Brewer is always a go-to. My husband loves the pork trifecta, and so do I, but the pistachio pesto has my heart. Especially with added sausage!

8. The O.G Gyro from My Big Fat Greek Trailer. Did you know that traditional Greek gyros contain pork and french fries? You learn something new every day. Follow them on social to see where they will be located!

9. Ham and Cheese croissant from Kudu Coffee. This thing was huge - hand for scale!

10. Umami Tuna Bombs from Tempest. These little bites of flavor are available for brunch, midday, and dinner at the 5Church's new sister restaurant on Market Street.

11. Barbecue platter with brisket and pulled pork, plus baby back bites and mac and cheese balls from Southern Roots Smokehouse. I got everything to go and assembled this board at home; because I am extra like that.

12. Matcha and Golden Milk (turmeric) Lattes from LoDi Coffee. This place is new to North Charleston, near Northwoods Mall, and it is my new addiction. They use ceremonial grade matcha and have so manny interesting lattes and frapps to choose from. They are drive-thru only.

That's a wrap for November! Make sure you are following me on Instagram at @girleatscharleston, and on the new Whim app, to see where I am eating in real time!

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