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Spotlight: Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Callie's is a well-loved tourist favorite, which can be a red flag for locals. But unlike some of the overrated spots around town that Charlestonians tend to roll their eyes at, I truly think the hype is warranted in this case. Finding a good biscuit in Charleston isn't hard to do, but this little biscuit shop has perfected the buttery item and is here to satisfy your craving.

The limited-edition confetti biscuit - topped with cream cheese icing and rainbow sprinkles

Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and an iced coffee. Name a more iconic breakfast duo, I'll wait.

Assorted options of small biscuits, choose 3 for $5

My personal 3-pack choice: Black Pepper Bacon, Country Ham, Cinnamon

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