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Blogger Brunch at Edmund's Oast

Hands down, one of the best parts about social media has been the opportunity to meet new people. I have been fortunate enough to take part in several different blogging-related events, meet-ups, and meals in the last few months. Each time, I have made new connections and strengthened existing ones with like-minded people who support and empower each other. Plus, it is so refreshing when you whip out your phone to photograph your food or pose for an outfit picture and no one even bats an eye (because they are busy doing the exact same thing!)

This past weekend I attended a brunch meetup at Edmund's Oast, hosted by Vi (@hoangviton on Instagram). We got to dine in the Library, a private room within the restaurant.

The Space:

Such a cozy room, and I am obsessed with the blue rug!

Sneaking a peek into the kitchen - where the magic happens.

My favorite part was this little patio attached. I need to figure out how to make my backyard look this cute.

Just casually pretending I live here.

The Details:

I have a real appreciation for attention to detail when it comes to events like these. I thought Vi did an amazing job with the decor here!

Personalized place settings and gorgeous blooms from Charleston Flower Market.

A platter of donut munchkins to nibble on.

More sweets: adorable Instagram and brunch-themed cookies made by Southernly Sweet.

The Food:

I am actually going to do another post with more of the brunch dishes we all ordered, because there was SO much good stuff. But here is a taste (pun intended) of the Edmund's Oast brunch menu:

Pazcki Doughnut, cream-filled with strawberry dipping sauce.

Gougeres - savory pastries smothered in cheese sauce and sprinkled with chives.

My main event: a shockingly huge fried chicken biscuit with white gravy.

I stuck my hand in the shot in an attempt to show just how huge this thing was, but I'm not sure this even does it justice. Oh, and it was damn delicious too.

The Bloggers:

The quote on the wall was fitting, since we all sat around chatting for hours!

To reiterate my point from the beginning of this post, meeting new people has by far been the best part of this "journey." Some of these women I already knew, and some I met for the first time that day. All of them are beautiful humans on the inside and out. I encourage you to check them out on Instagram and beyond!

Pictured, from left: Alexandra (@alexandrajblogs), Allison (@charleston_charmed), Chelsea (@pawsandprosecco), Katherine & Ashley (@charlestonunknown), Vi (@hoangviton), Rebecca (@agirlinshades), Katie (@seasonsofkatie), Heather (@heatheredeffect), Christina (@baublesandcurios), Emma (@peachesandpalmettos)

Cheers to friends both new and old!

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