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Best-of Charleston Guide: Donuts

If you read my Charleston Dessert Guide, you may have noticed that I didn't include any donuts on the list. A glaring ommision. "Does she hate donuts?" you may have wondered. On the contrary: I love donuts so much that I knew they needed their own guide!

Today is National Donut Day, and what better day to share my guide to the best donuts in Charleston? Keep scrolling to see the goods...


This spot on upper King Street has a rotating menu that changes every week, and is always coming up with the most innovative flavors. You might walk in one morning and find varieties like the Sweet Corn and Blueberry, Blue Cheese Cabernet, Green Tea Sesame, or Beet Salad.

Berries and Mascarpone Donut

Bacon Apple Fritter


This shop near The Citadel started out as a food truck and moved into a brick and mortar location last year. Like Glazed, they too have a combination of classic and inventive flavors, and many of their donuts are square, which if my geometry is correct means more donut volume(?). In addition to the donuts, BKeD also has soft pretzels that look unbelievably delicious.

This is what paralyzing indecision looks like.

Cereal & Milk, Cookies & Cream, Beetroot Lemon

Beetroot Lemon Donut

Cereal & Milk Donut


Next we are traveling north! A local favorite in Goose Creek, Donut Connection serves up classic donut flavors with a sprinkling (see what I did there) of seasonal flavors. They also have a full coffee bar and serve New York bagels overnighted from Queens.

St. Patrick's Day Special: Irish Cream Donut

Fall flavors: Apple Cider and Pumpkin Donuts

Yabba Dabba Do(nut) - with Fruity Pebbles


This place is a Park Circle institution. If you have never been here for breakfast or lunch, you need to add it to your to-do list ASAP. They are on this list because they make a biscuit dough donut that is honestly life-changing. You can order the Buzzed Donut, which is bacon egg and cheese with a donut bun. Or if you're me, you order the donut plain with their coffee chocolate dipping sauce on the side. You also have the option of a maple glaze.

Two donuts are better than one.

You will want to eat this sauce with a spoon. And you should.


Cross the Ravenel Bridge into Mount Pleasant for some Fractured Prune donuts. This is a franchise that began in Ocean City, MD, which is close to where I grew up going to the beach. Go figure, I never tried them until this location opened in Charleston.

While the shops I mentioned so far on this list make their donuts daily, the Fractured Prune makes them to order, so you can actually watch them being made in front of you. That means you get to enjoy them warm and fresh, and either choose from their menu of suggested combinations or create your own.

Clockwise from upper left: The OC Sand, Rocky Shores, Carnival, Bacon Bomb

Bacon Bomb Donut

Carnival Donut


This is another franchise that began in a beach town, that I also used to vacation at as a kid: Duck, NC. And again I never tasted these donuts until they opened up in West Ashley. I'm starting to realize we weren't really a "donut family."

Like Fractured Prune, you can order from a suggested menu or create your own flavor combo. They are made to order - there is really nothing like biting into a warm donut.

The Duck Dozen - 12 of their classic flavors

A custom donut: peanut butter icing, bacon, salted caramel drizzle

A season flavor: Key Lime Pie


Donut waffles! While not exactly donuts in the traditional sense, they are just as tasty and come in all kinds of flavors. Sweet Belgium recently moved from James Island to Upper King Street. I love their unique concept and high quality treats!

A dozen waffles, please

Phew! That was long - if you made it to the end, congrats! And aren't you craving a donut now? I am...

Did I miss any? Let me know on Instagram @girleatscharleston!

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