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Best-Of Charleston Guide: Desserts

Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth (or several!)

I have always been a dessert fiend, and Charleston is chock-full of treats that will satisfy anyone's sugar cravings. To share the love, I rounded up some of my favorites that I have found recently. Not only are these sweets delicious, they are also drop-dead gorgeous. Almost too pretty to eat - ALMOST. But don't worry, I ate them!

Did I miss one? I'm sure I did - let me know at @girleatscharleston on Instagram!

From Ice & Pan:

Taro rolled ice cream topped with fruity pebbles, coconut, rainbow mochi, and condensed milk
Lemon poundcake with toasted meringue
The Happiness Cheesecake, made with a little of everything
Neapolitan layer cake

From 5Church:

Peanut butter and jelly cinnamon rolls
Homemade strawberry poptart

One Broad Street again:

Creme brulee cinnamon roll
Choc-lava bar

Peanut butter pie

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